How Long Will Mohs Surgery Take?

Published on October 7, 2019
mohs surgery

Mohs surgery requires an immense amount of patience and precision to perform. Skin cancer surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Marcus will not be able to tell how many layers of tissue will need to be removed until the process has begun and will then need to carefully remove the affected layers and damaged tissue to ensure that the cancer has been completely removed.

The removal of each layer of tissue will typically only take five to ten minutes to complete, but once the layer is removed, it will need to be examined, which can take up to an hour. The amount of layers that need to be removed will also vary, which can drastically affect the length of the procedure. We ask that our patients set aside up to six hours for their procedure.

Although it may be a lengthy process, the results that Mohs surgery provides cannot be denied and make the entire process worth the time spent. If you are looking for high-quality professional treatment for skin cancer, contact Boca Mohs Surgery to schedule a consultation.