Protecting Your Eyelids from Skin Cancer

Published on August 24, 2019

There are areas of the body that may not always be on your mind when it comes to practicing proper sun safety. The eyelids are one area that can be easy to neglect because they are so small, but these thin and sensitive flaps of skin are just as susceptible to skin cancer as more prominent areas of your body.

Protecting your eyes from harmful factors can be difficult, but taking the necessary steps now will ensure your health in the future. There are special sunscreens that are designed for sensitive areas like the eyelids that will provide the level of protection you need. Wearing sunglasses when in contact with direct sunlight is also recommended.

Its is important to remember that practicing proper sun safety means properly protecting all areas of your body, even those that can be easy to neglect. If you would like more information regarding treatments for skin cancer, please contact Boca Mohs Surgery to schedule a consultation.