Mohs Surgery Boca Raton – Skin Cancer Treatment

Published on November 18, 2015
mohs surgery

Mohs Surgery is micrographic surgery that has helped countless people since it was originally created in the 1930′s for precisely identifying and removing skin cancer while keeping the healthy surrounding tissue unharmed and intact. The Mohs Surgery works by microscopic examination of the tissue as it is removed layer by layer until only the cancer-free tissue surrounding the tumor is reached. Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments (up to 99%) and Mohs College surgeons are uniquely trained as not just cancer surgeons but pathologists and reconstructive surgeons.

View our online before and after Mohs surgery photo gallery to see real patient results.

There are many advantages to Mohs Surgery such as minimizing the loss of healthy tissue, curing skin cancer (even when other methods have failed), repairing the site of the cancer the day the cancer is removed, and ensuring complete removal of the cancer (and thereby increasing the chance the the cancer won’t grow back). If you are interested in learning more about Mohs Surgery procedure and recovery process and to find out if it may be right for you, contact the office today.

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